Why tout debunked deterrence myths?

Photo via Dave on Flickr.


(Criminal justice news that could use a second look.)

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins (left) prepares to speak to Democratic members of Congress on March 30, 2017. Photo from The Daily News.
  • From The Daily News: “Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins visits Congress to push criminal justice reforms”
  • From Harold Jordan of the ACLU of Pennsylvania in The Post-Gazette: “Don’t arm school police”
  • From ACLU of Pennsylvania: “Attorney General Sessions’ Interpretation of Immigration Law is ‘Extreme and Indefensible’”
  • From The Daily News: “A death row inmate, a murder victim’s son, and a 16-year quest for justice”



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ACLU of Pennsylvania

ACLU of Pennsylvania

We are the ACLU’s Pennsylvania affiliate, defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through litigation, advocacy, and community education and outreach.