When police arrest children

Photo from Steven Lane of The Associated Press.
  • From NBC News: “Kids in Cuffs: Why Handcuff a Student With a Disability”
  • From NBC Boston: “Off-the-Books Suspensions May Enable Some Schools to Skirt State Law.”
  • From NBC NYC: “Policing the Schools: Minority Students More Likely to Be Suspended or Arrested.”
  • From NBC Bay Area, a six-part series on police in schools: “Arrested at School”


(Criminal justice news that could use a second look.)

Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration enforcement ramps up 287(g), a program that allows local law enforcement to serve as federal immigration agents. Photo from The Atlantic.
  • From The Atlantic: “Donald Trump’s Plan to Outsource Immigration Enforcement to Local Cops”
  • From The Urban Institute: “How Do People in High-Crime, Low-Income Communities View the Police?”



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