Seth Williams will not seek reelection as Philadelphia’s District Attorney, citing “regrettable mistakes” in personal life

Seth Williams is out.


This week, HB 27, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. This bill prohibits public agencies from identifying a police officer who has discharged his firearm or used force for 30 days after the incident. It also threatens criminal charges for any official who violates this gag order. There was no press about the bill this week, and ACLU-PA did not issue a public statement. But we did issue a memo to the House Judiciary Committee. It reads, in part: “Unfortunately, the supporters of HB 27 fail to recognize or to respect the very real concerns raised by communities concerned about unfairness in policing. Our police officers are public employees with a great deal of power, including the power to use force. This power must be coupled with the responsibility to be transparent and accountable to the public.”


(Criminal justice news that could use a second look.)

Some municipalities view Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed $25 per capita fee to use state police as a bargain compared to the cost of establishing a local department. Photo from The Morning Call.
  • From The Morning Call: “To some municipalities, Wolf’s proposed state police fee sounds like a bargain”
  • From ACLU-PA: “State Senate Bill Will Force Counties to Violate the Constitution”
  • From ACLU National: “Flying Home From Abroad, a Border Agent Stopped and Questioned Me … About My Work for the ACLU”



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