Donald Trump hasn’t f***ed up our plans at all. We’re pushing forward.

Lewis Black is a longtime ACLU supporter.
  • ACLU-PA will continue working toward reducing the commonwealth’s prison population.
  • It will continue advocating for students and the LGBT community and free speech.
  • It will continue to push against civil asset forfeiture and opaque government and limits to voting rights.
  • In fact, ACLU-PA is hiring. Stay tuned for new job openings related to criminal justice and other issues on our website.
  • We’re growing. So is the movement to protect civil liberties. And just as Black re-recorded his hilarious album and released it successfully in 2002, we are continuing to do the important work that our mission has always guided us to do.


(Criminal justice news that could use a second look.)

Protesters gathered at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday against President Trump’s executive order enacting a refugee ban. Photo from ACLU.
  • From ACLU National: “Here Is Some of the Human Misery Caused by President Trump’s Muslim Ban From Those Most Impacted.”
  • From The Intercept: “The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement”
  • From The Sentencing Project: “Delaying a second chance: “The declining prospects for parole on life sentences”



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ACLU of Pennsylvania

ACLU of Pennsylvania

We are the ACLU’s Pennsylvania affiliate, defending the Constitution and the Bill of Rights through litigation, advocacy, and community education and outreach.